Value Delivery, Enabled

Lean, Agile, DevOps and Value Stream adoption are driving massive performance improvements and positive outcomes - when properly applied.

To fully utilize the best and latest techniques, a shift in mindset and behaviour is required.

Our Transformation Enablement Model builds upon your exiting capabilities to grow a cultural transformation, allowing you to more rapidly scale adoption of new capabilities. Isn't it time you seeing the benefits of modern tools and practices?

Our approach is built on three pillars:

  • Leadership Enablement - Enabling leadership with the tools and skills they need to guide and govern your transformation

  • Value Delivery Enablement - Creating your Value Delivery enabling team to communicate, measure, and support your transformation

  • Growth Enablement - Working with teams to develop coaching capabilities and empower them to continue the transformation

Succeed, Scale, Sustain

FoundationWe identify key processes and stakeholders. We also begin to create the messaging plan that will facilitate the engagement and share progress beyond the VDeT.1-2
MappingLeveraging prior identified capabilities and processes, we onboard remaining stakeholders and create our visual, value-centric maps of your current state capabilities, processes and governance to measure and clearly highlight the highest ROI focus areas. During this phase we will identify any tactical options to enable quick wins and amplify the transformation.2-5
ScalingWe co-create your future state, align it to your governance needs and begin coaching you on the skills you need to succeed. We share frameworks, models and techniques to guide continuous improvement. We also coach you on overcoming common obstacles to change.4-8
SustainingWe ensure the Value Delivery enabling team is set up and operating with the skills, feedback loops and learning opportunities they need to grow and maintain the VDeT benefits throughout the organization. The VDet will begin enabling the sea-change towards agile thinking and new ways of working.8-12

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